Home Inspections

Your home inspection includes a detailed evaluation of all of the components of the building.  These include the roof, exterior siding and trim, gutters and drainage systems, chimney, garage, deck, balcony, driveway, sidewalk, patio, fencing, steps, foundation, structural components, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, interior walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, appliances, cabinetry, counters, and attic insulation and ventilation.

Our inspection is unbiased and will provide an objective and accurate representation of the existing condition of the home.  We provide a home inspection report the same day as the home inspection.  You will leave the inspection with all the information you need to complete your real estate transaction.  Copies of the report are also provided to real estate agents or other individuals as requested.

You will want to attend your home inspection because we will teach you about the house. We will provide you with information regarding the types of systems, their life expectancy, routine maintenance, and upgrades and improvements you may wish to consider to enhance performance or safety.  The average home inspection takes two to two-and-a-half hours.  You will have the opportunity to ask any questions.  At the conclusion of your home inspection you will be very well informed about the condition of the property you are purchasing.




We perform a wood destroying insect evaluation at every home inspection.  Each of our inspectors maintains a supervisory license issued by the State of Connecticut to perform the inspection.  We inspect for termites, carpenter ants, several species of beetles, and carpenter bees.  We will also evaluate the need for any structural repairs which may be required due to wood destroying insect damage.  We are trained in the insect treatment technologies and can give you an expectation regarding potential costs.


We utilize continuous radon monitors for radon-in-air measurement.  These provide instant information following the test which is sent to you electronically the same day the test is concluded, usually two days after the test is initiated. The monitors are tamper proof and provide a profile of measurements for the duration of the test.  We can also provide information regarding radon reduction system installation and anticipated costs should the radon measurement be elevated, 4.0 pci/L or greater.


When the home has a well, we will perform your water quality testing by sampling the water in accordance with regulatory standards and providing the samples to a certified laboratory for analysis.  Results will be faxed to you as soon as available from the laboratory, usually 3-4 working days following sampling.


Radon gas from the ground has two ways of entering a home; as a soil gas through the foundation, and as a gas dissolved in the well water.  When the water is utilized, radon in the water contributes to the background level of radon which entered the home through the foundation.  We will obtain samples for analysis by a certified laboratory.  Results will be faxed to you as soon as available from the laboratory, usually 3-4 working days following sampling.  The Connecticut Department of Health Services has established a level of 5,000 pci/L, above which they recommend a corrective system be installed.


When a home has a well, we perform a quantitative evaluation of the well called a flow test.  The purpose of the flow test is to determine if the well will produce enough water to meet the needs of the occupants under normal conditions.  During the flow test, the water is utilized at a rate averaging approximately four to five gallons per minute for a one hour period of time.  This represents the quantity of water greater than that which could reasonably be expected to be utilized during a twenty-four hour period of time by an average family.  During the test, we verify that the water flow rate and water pressure remain constant with no signs of pressure loss or lack of adequate water supply.


We will provide you information regarding other potential health or environmental issues which may be present in the home.  These could include mold, lead paint, asbestos, and in-ground oil tanks. We will advise you of the hazards or liabilities associated with these items and provide recommendations regarding remedies.


For fast personal service, contact us at 860 533-1879 to get a quote for the services you require or to ask questions.  To obtain your home inspection quote we will need to know the age and the square feet of finished living space in the home and whether the home has a well.  We will be glad to advise you of any applicable tests you should consider.